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English for Doctoral Candidates

09.11.2018 09:00 - 16.11.2018 17:00
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Writing and Speaking

In this workshop, we will predominantly focus on the language skills necessary to communicate your research efficiently to an academic audience. The first part of the workshop is devoted to writing skills. In particular, we will look at typical features of Academic English and practice various writing strategies, from paragraph level to global text level.

The second part of the workshop will be devoted to speaking skills; not only will we work on presentation skills but also on interaction skills in discussions. The workshop is designed to offer participants a hands-on tutorial. We will work on your vocabulary, write a variety of small texts and have short presentations and interactive discussions.

Target audience: Doctoral candidates

Speaker: Johannes Wally

One session on the 09.11.2018 and one on the 16.11.2018.

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