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Gastvortrag "Emergency and Disaster Interpreting in Turkey: History and Emerging Contexts"

16.04.2018 17:00 - 19:00

von Alev Bulut (Universität Istanbul)

Community interpreting is the rendering of public/ social services to those who need them but cannot have access to due to a language barrier. Emergency and Disaster Interpreting is the rendering of the same services under emergency and disaster contexts (including the emerging conflict and warzone contexts more and more). The organisation initiated in Turkey under the same name (ARÇ in short) after the 1999 earthquakes is unique in its own way having emerged out of our own experience to humbly set a model for the concept of organising interpreting volunteers in emergencies. The seminar will both present the brief history and the present activities of ARÇ (interpreting services provided for foreign search and rescue and relief teams within the frame of international assistance) and touch upon the emerging community interpreting situations after the influx of Syrian refugees as of 2012 necessitating new initiatives and staff interpreter positions.

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