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Resilience & Well-being in Academia Workshop

One coaching session with Desiree Dickerson per person available!

This online coaching provides you with tools to increase your resilience to stress, anxiety and burnout, and to enhance your overall well-being. Individual appointment with Desiree Dickerson after registration.

During coaching session, you will explore the way that you think. Thoughts that shape how you interpret the world around you and that drive how you act and interact. Thoughts that determine how you feel and in turn impact significantly on your motivation, enjoyment, curiosity and creativity.

These thinking patterns, however, often work against us.

In this age of ever-increasing pressure and competition, these thought processes can amplify the stress and uncertainty you feel, and the anxiety, burnout and depression academics as a community are increasingly experiencing.

Together, you’ll focus on exploring thought patterns that hinder your productivity; that distort how you perceive your abilities; and that provide a constant drain on your energy and mental space.

You will address how alternative mental models can enhance motivation, attention, and creativity; increase your resilience to stress, anxiety and burnout; and enhance your well-being and work-life balance.

Your well-being AND peak performance are not mutually exclusive. The goal is to maximise your cognitive and emotional performance whilst creating a sustainable, effective and enjoyable lifestyle.

More information and registration: here

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