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16.12.2019 15:00 - 16:00


UB Graz


Ort: Hauptbibliothek


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Guided tour of the Main Library (Engl.)

A tour of the new Main Library! From A like Access over R like Reading Room to Z like quiet Zone. Join us on a discovery tour of the new Main Library and find out about our services.

Target audience: Academic staff in research and teaching, administrative stuff and students

Registration: UNIGRAZonline (Kursangebote der UB)

If you are not able to participate (for whatever reason): please take time to de-register, to give someone on the waiting list the opportunity to participate. It is the same procedure as for registration: click on the course titel, at the bottom of the page you find the button "De-Register".

Instead of register for the waiting list, you can choose another of the offered course dates. You can de-register from the waiting list too. An automatic transfer from the waiting list to another course date is unfortunately not possible.

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