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06.04.2021 09:30 - 16:15


Integrative Structural Biology and Biophysics Initiative


Web: https://biotechmedgraz.at/de/forschung/integrative-structural-biology-and-biophysics/frontiers-2021/


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Frontiers in Integrative Structural Biology and Biophysics


Information about the three-dimensional structure, function and dynamics of biological molecules and macromolecular complexes is crucial to understand chemistry and biology on a molecular level, is key to molecular biosciences and a prerequisite in biomedical research and in research concerning biotechnological applications.

This symposium enables young scientists, PhD- and Master students from the University of Graz, the Medical University of Graz and Graz University of Technology to present their research results in the field of integrative structural biology and related areas to a broad expert audience. In addition, talks from national and international experts highlight current fields of interest. During the poster session live discussions with the presenters will be possible. A poster prize from BioTechMed-Graz will be awarded for the best contribution from each university.


Med Uni Graz Angelika Krebs +43 (0) 316 385-72717

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